1. New paradigm

We are aligned with Conscious capitalism and Circular Economy. We work in different areas empowering people, supporting art and helping protect the environment. 

2. Service

John Willard Marriott said: «Take care of your staff and your staff will take care of your guests.» At Manso we practice the same thing, but more holistically: something like «when a team works in a friendly and positive environment, it will project kindness and genuine cordiality in the quality of their service.»

3. hospitality

At Manso we practice respect for everybody, especially for our guests. That makes our staff genuinely nice and friendly. 

4. Price

Staying in Manso can cost between US $ 10 and $ 50 per person. By keeping the architectural particularities of this landmark building, we have created spaces with different sizes and characteristics. Thus, each one pays for the level of comfort they prefer.


Near the Iguana Park, the Monument of Bolivar and San Martin, Las Peñas, la Bahía, Santa Ana Hill. In front of Malecón 2000,15 minutes from the airport and the bus station. We are in the safest, most central and most beautiful area of town.

6. Ambient

Manso is a hub of artists, scientists, agents of change and world travelers. Getting to meet those characters is in itself an experience.

7. Equilibrium

With eco friendly soaps, shampoos and cleaning products, with a cafeteria that uses mainly agroecological products, being in Manso is a bit of being in balance with life.