Manso is a business with a purpose. We have tried to use the potential of a space strategically located to promote local culture responsible travel and ecological agriculture.

Since its beginning 10 years ago, Manso’s spaces were open to local artists, and in general people with innovative ideas. The work of curation priorizes for the authentic, local and responsible.

We invite our guests to visit conservation and community managed Tourism projects in Guayaquil’s area. Manso’s restaurant Zentro uses vegetables and ingredients from small farmers with Ecological methods. 

Manso’s projects

Campaign for responsible consumption.

We are part of the Colectivo Nacional Agroecológico. We support the national campaign to improve eating habits. Through social media we widespread revealing information about the lies of the food industry.

Culture in action

Through a cultural program that includes talks, documentaries, exhibitions and dance, Manso contributes to the awareness of society and the enrichment of our culture.

Dynamize the local economy in manso's Gift Shop

With a permanent store exhibiting local organic delicacies and ecuadorian spices, we seek to foster the demand of quality, organic, communitary products from local producers.

Conscious travel in the gulf of guayaquil

We are part of a working group that develops a community tourism project in a protected mangrove area in the Gulf of Guayaquil.

A very sensitive area, with a rich biodiversity, and a population that could benefit from sustainable  development.

sustainable mobility

Talking about alternative mobility in a city like Guayaquil is revolutionary. It is to send a constant message of sustainability and use of the body, necessary in a consumerist culture. We offer a bicycle tour in Guayaquil.



Urban permaculture

Our most recent project is the implementation of certain techniques for the reuse of resources within our space. We are working to start producing oyster mushrooms in the coffee residues that we filter daily. Also, to reuse water from the lavatories for the toilet. And to use our interior patios to make vertical gardens.

Environmental policy

In Manso we try to minimize our environmental impact.

We use biodegradable liquid soap and shampoo –not shampoo bottles  to avoid the garbage that their containers generate and the waste of the remnants. We change sheets and towels every two days instead of daily.

We use led lights. We ask our guests to turn off the air con when they leave the rooms. In the kitchen we do not serve white sugar, artificial sweeteners and sodas. We collect used battery for a safe disposal.

We classify garbage in Organic, paper, plastic and glass. We support the reuse of materials by preferring in our store and exhibitions artistic works by local designers made with recycled materials. In our cafeteria we prefer small producers with agroecological practices.