Volunteers in the Manso

We offer a volunteer program that consists of living in the Manso in exchange for hours of service.

El Manso is a boutique hostel, cultural center and agroecological restaurant. Additionally, we support social tourism ventures in the Guayaquil area. Volunteers have a duration of two months with the option to renew for a period longer. As a volunteer, you receive lodging and breakfast, and in return they do a service of 20 hours per week (normally 4 hours a day with two days off).

Attention to tables

From Monday to Friday from 07:00 to 13:30. Help that you have experience in having attended tables and that you speak English.

Reception at dawn

Two nights a week, from 11pm to 7am, you do the night watch. There are cleaning tasks this turn. Help you speak English. You complete the 20 hours with other activities.

Cleaning / Maintenance

The schedules vary; They can adapt to yours. You must know about painting, have notions of electricity and be skillful with the tools.

Social networks, Photo, Video

Manage our Facebook and Instagram and record the events of El Manso and generate videos for social networks. Your photos are the image of Manso on Instagram.

Plastic Artist / Muralist

You are in charge of creating murals and installations in the different areas of Manso.


To apply, fill out the application online at the following link CLICK HERE and send your cv to ricardo@manso.ec If you have any questions write to +593999483051.